Payment gateway for online technical support

Today life is on fast pace and we have to move on with our work properly. Nothing today is possible without internet, computer and technology. Most of the people are using these three things to get maximum support to their daily actives. From being limited to official purpose only, computers are beyond that and available for everyone in different ways.  There is a time when they also start having some problems related to their functioning. If it being an unresponsive machine does not provide you better results, it is your priority to call for a technician for that service. However, if you are not able to go or get a technician available, online technical support is there to help you in either way.

Companies do offer some membership plan

Online technical support is something which is virtual assistance to the people who are facing issues with their laptops and computers. The engineers who are working there have the ability to diagnose the system and can tell you the problem along with its solution. The mode of payment that they carry is payment gateway which is a secure online way to transact an amount. The online technical company do have their all banking details available or else the customers will be redirected to the page where they can pay the amount. Different services do have different payment plans which a customer needs to pick according to his choice. Few companies do offer some membership plan too which is for a quarter, half year or annual.

Technical Assistance

People might get scared at first but this would be a complete surprise to them. It is a fair deal and very easy to solve their issue related to their computer. These remote computer technicians are reliable as many customers are taking their assistance. Also, there are many genuine companies also providing such services to them. Also, since it will take too long time to be on call and customers must be thinking about the calling charges, the technical assistance is available through toll free number. The important thing is that the technical team will be available for you for the whole year, over on holidays and also 24 hours a day.

The payment gateway for tech support on rent is a simple process of paying to these online technicians who will provide you service only when you purchase their plan. The payment option is available through payment gateway because it is convenient and easy. People are too familiar with paying online as they love shopping online and paying through net banking or plastic money. Banks are also influencing their customers for the same. Know more about their service here.

Payment Gateway Is A Safe Option

Thus, payment gateway is a safe option with the customers who are looking for the services of online technician. With the help of this online technical support team, people do save lot of their time and energy. Earlier they need to carry their desktop or laptops to the service centre and need to register them their complaint and have to wait for their turn and getting service. Here, through online mode, someone will be available at all times to offer you valuable services and you don’t need to wait for anything. They can take your system on remote with your permission and will offer you better benefits through that way. Many countries are actually implementing this online technical assistance and is getting popular among people too which is coming with a payment gateway option too.

MAC’s Time Machine Backup

MAC’s Time Machine backup is the ultimate backup solution. In its own way, it’s as revolutionary as the introduction of graphical interface was a couple of decades ago. It defies any comparison to any Windows backup utilities or software, and is completely unique. It provides the complete solution to backing up files by making the whole process both intuitive and fully automatic.

In a nutshell, the Time Machine creates a “snapshot” of your system and then makes it possible for you to “go back in time” and retrieve a setting, program, folder or file from any time in the past – be it last week or last year. Technically, it’s a system that makes incremental backups – it makes a complete copy of your system, and then when there is any change it backs it up.

The Time Machine runs conveniently in the background, and within a 24-hour period makes backups every hour. At the start of each following 24-hour period, you then start with a full backup from the day before, and the process starts over again. Daily backups are each saved for a full month. At the end of each month, the system saves the last backup in increments of a week. So you can access any backup older than one month during that week.

The amount of storage space used by the Time Machine is dependent on the capacity of the external storage device used for saving your backups. If, for instance you have used about 80 GB of your Mac’s hard drive, a 1 TB external drive would let you save almost three months worth of backed-up data. In effect, if today were September 8, 2010, you would have the ability to retrieve files or programs from as far back as June 21, 2010. As your backup device becomes full, the oldest data is discarded in order to make space for the more recent.

As soon as your new external drive is plugged into your Mac, the Time Machine plugs itself into it immediately. The initial backup will obviously take some time, but after that you can let tit just do its thing in the background. You’ll see an icon at the top of your desktop on the main menu bar. When the Time Machine is bust backing up, the icon, which is in the shape of a small clock, will appear to run backwards. To enter the main program, simply click on the icon.

Retrieving a lost file is a simple process. Just open the folder where it was located, open Mac’s Time Machine backup, and you’ll see a number of Mac folders in decreasing sizes open up. Open the window that contains the program or file that you want to restore by clicking on the time bar, on the right hand side, then then click on the object you want to restore, and it will immediately be restored to its original location. If you have a more recent version of a file, you can choose not to overwrite it, but to instead save two versions. If you can’t recall the file’s original location, just use the Spotlight finder and then start up the Time Machine.

A User Review of Fontographer for MAC OS

Fontographer used to be the prime choice for font designers, both amateur and professional. This was mostly because it was easy to use. When Macromedia bought it from Altsys, though, it languished, until it was bought by FontLab, and version 4.7 was released, which ran on OS X. Fontographer 5 is still user-friendly, and it’s font-generating engine has been replaced with FontLab’s own engine. It has a number of new features, such as support for OpenType.

The new Fontographer has all the tools you need to create fonts from scratch, as well as tools that will be very helpful for designers. For onstance, if a font has both thin and thick versions, but you’re looking for something inbetween the two, Fontographer will generate it for you. It can also condense fonts without just scaling them horizontally. If necessary it can create new spacings, or add glyphs to a font, like logos or icons. These features can be incredibly useful if the font you’re working with isn’t exactly right for what you’re doing.

The Font Window will display all the components of any font. You can filter views in different ways, such as by width, Unicode value, Keystroke or Character. Fontographer also makes it easy to convert fonts to different formats. You can convert to a number of different formats, including PostScript Type 1 or 3, TrueType or OpenType.

Many of Fontographer’s advanced features for layout are used by programs like QuarkXpress and InDesign to replace characters automatically with alternate glyphs. Users experienced in Fontographer will also appreciate such as the ability to export and import specific projects using the FontLab Studio format, making collaborations much easier. You can also now zoom in on fonts by 1600 percent, display outlines with smooth anti-aliasing, and there are expanded encoding and Unicode tables, as well as intelligent renaming of font families, a robust Glyph search, and the ability to autotrace most bitmaps. The new version can also produce fonts with characters in excess of 20,000.

As well as all the new features, there is a manual of 525 pages that contains a good deal of information on technology and font features, clearly and concisely laid out, as well as useful tips from established font designers. The appendices steer you to the best resources and books that are available.

There are a number of sample files included that can prove quite helpful, like different scanned characters, accents, fonts and .eps files that you can use for practice. There is also a text file to help you determine the best pairings for kerned letters, and to test the appearance of existing kernings.

What Makes a Professional Phone System Professional?

You definitely need a professional phone system if you’re setting up a company or striking out on your own as a freelancer – whether you like it or not, potential clients will take you more seriously when you have a serious business number at your disposal. Sure, you can get away with using your personal numbers for the first few months, especially if you’re working as an independent contractor. But if you’re really serious about succeeding, then you have to know that regular phone service would never be good enough to support your business. You need a business phone system, and you need it ASAP.

So what makes a professional phone system professional? You may have inklings of what those are, especially if you’ve made calls to established companies in the past (and who hasn’t had that experience?). But it’s likely that you’re thinking about it only in terms of features that are included in all business phone systems. This is dangerous because…

A truly professional phone system is more than just the sum of its features.

That’s the long and short of it, really. It’s true that features are in fact important in determining how professional your phone system is, but they’re not the end-all and be-all of business phone system standards. You have to consider how well the mix of features can benefit your company or your freelancing, and how dependable the actual phone service is. At the end of the day, what makes a
professional phone system professional is its ability to build up your business by helping you stay organized and keeping you reachable.

So when you’re looking for a phone system that you can use for professionally, make sure that you consider all the elements that can keep your projects running smoothly.

How Android Giving Tough Competition to iPad

Apple is no doubt ruling the tablet world with it’s one product iPad, but there are many competitors taking birth as the time passes after seeing the success of iPad. Out of these many if there is any true competitor then it is no doubt Android. Though Android is an Open source OS but feature list of Android, can make any manufacturer of Tablet a true competitor of iPad.

Only Android have potential to beat iPad as far as Tablet market is concerned in current market situations. Here are few things they should improve to win –

1. iPad is currently at the top because it somehow managed to develop huge number of Apps, which makes iPad customizable to be used by anyone for any purpose. Android is not much behind but App selection for Tablet based on Android is still limited. Most of the Android mobile apps, either do not work or does not provide good experience on Tablet screen.

2. Android is more open as far as development and acceptance of app is concerned. But still for tablet PC App selection they are lacking and much behind iPad. Google know it very well and they are doing everything they can do to reach on Top.

3. Android need to make sure that they are ready for almost everything a Tablet User want to do. Tablets users are basically advanced user of Phones and Laptops. They want light weight, mobile solution for their needs which and Mobile phone cannot fulfill because of small size and Laptop seems bulky to carry them. So it must have features of both.

4. Currently there are many site which does not open on Android tablet if they do not have Mobile version. Google have to get rid of this compatibility problem. Most problematic area is Videos running, so Android based tablets are almost not usable for Entertainment purpose.

Among the Android based tablets Asus’s Eee Transformer is most successful Tablet so far. Apple has learnt many things from it and is working further to improve iPad. Rumors are that next version of iPad have features which will eliminate all problems because of which people are choosing Android as of today. But we are sure by Then Android will also improve. After all it is the fast changing world, isn’t it ?

iPad Jailbreak – Why and How to Do It

Want to give some spice to your iPad? Despite the fact that Apple configures the iPad with some useful and exciting features, people, like me just can’t get enough as far as functionality and flexibility is concerned. And in this regard, jailbreaking enters.

In fact, jailbreaking has been very popular with iPad’s brothers, iPod Touch and iPhone. However, I was hesitant to jailbreak my iPad in the first place. But, when I discovered that I can download functional apps outside what has been offered or permitted by Apple, jailbreaking appeals to me. Nevertheless, what does jailbreaking mean and what does iPad jailbreak entail? Read on to find out.

Why Jailbreak

Jailbreaking refers to the process or method used to override the restrictions implemented by Apple on their mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Once the device is jailbroken, you can now install and run third-party programs which are not allowed by Apple. Jailbreaking is prompted by most users of Apple devices to take advantage of unapproved apps, some of which are totally free.

Why Jailbreak iPad

The primary reason why iPad jailbreak is becoming popular is because it allows you to do multitasking. This is especially true with my case. In fact, I’ve installed a Backgrounder app to my iPad thus allowing me to browse the web with my music playlist playing at the background. I haven’t enjoyed my iPad like this until I have it jailbroken.

Moreover, with iPad jailbreak, you get to install popular applications and games which are totally free. Finally, iPad jailbreak lets you install go-between applications using Cydia. Cydia acts as a control center with regards to third-party apps and provide iPad users access to apps which are not allowed by Apple. After you jailbreak iPad, Cydia instantly appears and you can use it right away to surf, install and download all applications that you want.


Although, there is no major harm with iPad jailbreak, still, it never means that harm never exists at all. Be sure that when you install apps with Cydia, go for the updated iPad apps to avoid incurring some dangers. Or else, you may have to reset your iPad, or worse, render it totally not functional.

Apple is doing everything they can to patch holes of iPad jailbreak, so it is best that you save the SHSH blobs. Finally, iPad jailbreak nullifies your warranty. However, if time comes that you need to use the warranty, just reset your iPad and everything goes back to its normal settings.

Now that you have an idea about iPad jailbreak, you are now set for the next step, how to jailbreak an iPad. I’ve tried doing an iPad jailbreak 3.2. Here are the jailbreak apps and its respective procedure.

iPad Jailbreak apps and Procedure

Spirit – this allows untethered iPad jailbreaking. When using this jailbreak app, ensure to save the SHSH files. After which, you can now proceed with the jailbreaking procedure.

1. Download the Spirit jailbreak apps.

2. Click on the Spirit logo to open the application.

3. Plug in the iPad onto your computer through USB cable; the jailbreak apps then detect the OS version of your iPad. To start jailbreak procedure, click on the “jailbreak” tab.

4. Finally, the device will reboot and undergo the jailbreak process.

Avoid touching the device or disconnecting the USB; wait instead. Once the whole process is over, Cydia is already installed with your jailbroken iPad.

Limera1n – This jailbreak app works on most Apple mobile devices but does not support the second-generation iPod Touch or iPhone 3G.

1. Download the Limera1n jailbreak apps.

2. Plug in the iPad to the computer through USB cable.

3. Open Limera1n and click the “Maket it ra1n” tab.

4. Wait until your iPad enters the recovery mode.

5. Hold the “Power” and “Home” tabs all together and free the “Power” button once you are ask to do so and wait until the device enters the DFU mode.

6. When you see a message saying “Exploiting…” it is an indication that you can now free the “Power” button and see a Limera1n droplet icon on the screen. After which, a popup message will appear stating that the jailbreak is already completed.

7. Switch on the device and click the Limera1n droplet logo then click “Cydia” and “install”.

And that’s it; your iPad has been jailbroken.

Jailbreaking an iPad is very easy which likewise allows you to fully maximize the functionality of the device. However, you need to be careful as these unapproved go-between apps may do harm to your iPad.

This is about Jailbraking iPad, but by the time we written this post there is no tool available to Jailbreak iPad 2, All the exploits found earlier have been patched by Apple in iPad 2 and no new exploit has been found in iPad2 which can successfully JailBreak iPad2.