Want to give some spice to your iPad? Despite the fact that Apple configures the iPad with some useful and exciting features, people, like me just can’t get enough as far as functionality and flexibility is concerned. And in this regard, jailbreaking enters.

In fact, jailbreaking has been very popular with iPad’s brothers, iPod Touch and iPhone. However, I was hesitant to jailbreak my iPad in the first place. But, when I discovered that I can download functional apps outside what has been offered or permitted by Apple, jailbreaking appeals to me. Nevertheless, what does jailbreaking mean and what does iPad jailbreak entail? Read on to find out.

Why Jailbreak

Jailbreaking refers to the process or method used to override the restrictions implemented by Apple on their mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Once the device is jailbroken, you can now install and run third-party programs which are not allowed by Apple. Jailbreaking is prompted by most users of Apple devices to take advantage of unapproved apps, some of which are totally free.

Why Jailbreak iPad

The primary reason why iPad jailbreak is becoming popular is because it allows you to do multitasking. This is especially true with my case. In fact, I’ve installed a Backgrounder app to my iPad thus allowing me to browse the web with my music playlist playing at the background. I haven’t enjoyed my iPad like this until I have it jailbroken.

Moreover, with iPad jailbreak, you get to install popular applications and games which are totally free. Finally, iPad jailbreak lets you install go-between applications using Cydia. Cydia acts as a control center with regards to third-party apps and provide iPad users access to apps which are not allowed by Apple. After you jailbreak iPad, Cydia instantly appears and you can use it right away to surf, install and download all applications that you want.


Although, there is no major harm with iPad jailbreak, still, it never means that harm never exists at all. Be sure that when you install apps with Cydia, go for the updated iPad apps to avoid incurring some dangers. Or else, you may have to reset your iPad, or worse, render it totally not functional.

Apple is doing everything they can to patch holes of iPad jailbreak, so it is best that you save the SHSH blobs. Finally, iPad jailbreak nullifies your warranty. However, if time comes that you need to use the warranty, just reset your iPad and everything goes back to its normal settings.

Now that you have an idea about iPad jailbreak, you are now set for the next step, how to jailbreak an iPad. I’ve tried doing an iPad jailbreak 3.2. Here are the jailbreak apps and its respective procedure.

iPad Jailbreak apps and Procedure

Spirit – this allows untethered iPad jailbreaking. When using this jailbreak app, ensure to save the SHSH files. After which, you can now proceed with the jailbreaking procedure.

1. Download the Spirit jailbreak apps.

2. Click on the Spirit logo to open the application.

3. Plug in the iPad onto your computer through USB cable; the jailbreak apps then detect the OS version of your iPad. To start jailbreak procedure, click on the “jailbreak” tab.

4. Finally, the device will reboot and undergo the jailbreak process.

Avoid touching the device or disconnecting the USB; wait instead. Once the whole process is over, Cydia is already installed with your jailbroken iPad.

Limera1n – This jailbreak app works on most Apple mobile devices but does not support the second-generation iPod Touch or iPhone 3G.

1. Download the Limera1n jailbreak apps.

2. Plug in the iPad to the computer through USB cable.

3. Open Limera1n and click the “Maket it ra1n” tab.

4. Wait until your iPad enters the recovery mode.

5. Hold the “Power” and “Home” tabs all together and free the “Power” button once you are ask to do so and wait until the device enters the DFU mode.

6. When you see a message saying “Exploiting…” it is an indication that you can now free the “Power” button and see a Limera1n droplet icon on the screen. After which, a popup message will appear stating that the jailbreak is already completed.

7. Switch on the device and click the Limera1n droplet logo then click “Cydia” and “install”.

And that’s it; your iPad has been jailbroken.

Jailbreaking an iPad is very easy which likewise allows you to fully maximize the functionality of the device. However, you need to be careful as these unapproved go-between apps may do harm to your iPad.

This is about Jailbraking iPad, but by the time we written this post there is no tool available to Jailbreak iPad 2, All the exploits found earlier have been patched by Apple in iPad 2 and no new exploit has been found in iPad2 which can successfully JailBreak iPad2.