How Android Giving Tough Competition to iPad

Apple is no doubt ruling the tablet world with it’s one product iPad, but there are many competitors taking birth as the time passes after seeing the success of iPad. Out of these many if there is any true competitor then it is no doubt Android. Though Android is an Open source OS but feature list of Android, can make any manufacturer of Tablet a true competitor of iPad.

Only Android have potential to beat iPad as far as Tablet market is concerned in current market situations. Here are few things they should improve to win –

1. iPad is currently at the top because it somehow managed to develop huge number of Apps, which makes iPad customizable to be used by anyone for any purpose. Android is not much behind but App selection for Tablet based on Android is still limited. Most of the Android mobile apps, either do not work or does not provide good experience on Tablet screen.

2. Android is more open as far as development and acceptance of app is concerned. But still for tablet PC App selection they are lacking and much behind iPad. Google know it very well and they are doing everything they can do to reach on Top.

3. Android need to make sure that they are ready for almost everything a Tablet User want to do. Tablets users are basically advanced user of Phones and Laptops. They want light weight, mobile solution for their needs which and Mobile phone cannot fulfill because of small size and Laptop seems bulky to carry them. So it must have features of both.

4. Currently there are many site which does not open on Android tablet if they do not have Mobile version. Google have to get rid of this compatibility problem. Most problematic area is Videos running, so Android based tablets are almost not usable for Entertainment purpose.

Among the Android based tablets Asus’s Eee Transformer is most successful Tablet so far. Apple has learnt many things from it and is working further to improve iPad. Rumors are that next version of iPad have features which will eliminate all problems because of which people are choosing Android as of today. But we are sure by Then Android will also improve. After all it is the fast changing world, isn’t it ?